Monday, December 14, 2009

A Nativity Scene...

On the 14th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeeee...
...a snowman for the little fam-ilyyyyyy.
Emma and I discussed the nativity story tonight and she decided to act out the story with her little pet shop animals. There they were, Mary & Joseph dressed with their cloth headdresses and the baby Jesus in his swaddling clothes :) It was the cutest thing I had seen! The three wiseman were there, bearing gifts, and so were the three wisegirls (HA!) and the collection of animals. Who knew that a little girl's imagination and a couple Kleenexes with tiny rubber bands could make such a sweet scene??
The "Northern Star" was present, as well as the angel (complete with wings and halo).

Mondays are always special because we don't have anything to do after school. No activities, and no cooking dinner (Little Caesar's has pizzas for $3.99 on Mondays!) and we get to just relax.
So today, we did a project.
We are a placemat family. I love my table, and I hate to hide it under tablecloths. To keep it from unending abuse from the kids, we are always eating on placemats. Always. So today, I decided that we needed to make new ones for Christmas, and {hopefully} continue every year?
I suppose one day I will be sorting through them all, crying and sniffling at how big and grown up my children are, and how small those little feet and hands were oh so many years ago.

I'll have to take them to be laminated this week!
I finally got pictures of our house with its bright and cheery {although limited} decor.

All the town has started glowing a little brighter after the warm day we had yesterday. I think a lot of people were waiting for that day to put out the lights! And Oh! how beautiful it all is!
Oh! And Happy Hanukkah to all you who celebrate!

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