Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Oh, what a blessed day! The last day that the world lived in darkness all those generations ago. Did they know that the small savior would be born in just hours from now??
Today was the final day of our advent calendar. It is now an empty shell of plastic & cardboard, and seems to have lost its luster. :( It's suprising how much excitement and happiness such a small token of the season could bring to a family!
Now, you ALL need to sing along as we voice the last version of the song!!
OOOOOOOnnnnn the 24th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeeee... angel for the top of the treeeeee.
Isn't it precious? And Emma knew immediately where its perfect spot was...
The big winter storm moved in this morning. It started out as a lot of rain & wind, then it changed to sleet, and finally, snow.
I took a photo of how it looked when the sleet started to fall, hoping that I will post an "after" photo tonight - we'll see.
Our bulletin board is full of wonderful Christmas arts and crafts that the children have done. It brings a lot of merriment to John & I, and I suppose that maybe you would like to see it, too!

Emma & I decided to bake cookies today for Santa. Grammie is feeling ill, so sugar cookies were out of the question, so we decided on making Spritz cookies (We miss you Auntie Pickle!!!).

Our cookie press broke after a few rows of cookies, so we have a big ball of green dough just sitting in the fridge :( Boo. I guess I'll have to put a new one on my amazon list...
Here is how our yard looked after the snow had just begun to fall.
It's still blowing snow everywhere as I type! The weather calls for blizzard-like conditions, and Emma couldn't be more excited! I grocery shopped yesterday, so we're stocked up for the big storm!

I hope you all are safe and warm on this Christmas Eve morning!

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