Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Making of the Wreath...

On the second day of advent, my calendar gave to meeee...
....a scarf for my little pup-eeeeeeeee!

Last night while Emma was making her advent wreath, she did a series of videos, which are all available for your viewing pleasure here, with an exception of the 4th video, that seems to have issues with :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday! When I work at the resale shop, I get to see all kinds of people that come in. One of the best parts of that is being able to count my blessings several times a day.

Lately, it has been very hard on us financially, and we feel bad that Christmas will be so small, but today, I am so thankful that I have a family to spend Christmas with.

Some people do not.

Yesterday I was sad that we all have to drink more water, because milk is getting so expensive, but today I am so thankful that we are healthy and inclined to drink milk or water, and not spend all our monies on liquor or tabacco.

Some people are not.

And sometimes I feel saddened that the world my children will grow up in will be absent of the good hearted and kind people, but today, I am thankful for the almost penniless man, wearing sandals in the sleet, that gave Evan his last quarter for Christmas.

Thank you, Lord, for lending me your eyes today. To be able to see all that I've been missing due to drowning in my own sorrows.

Tomorrow is the city Christmas Parade! How exciting!!

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