Friday, December 18, 2009

The Little Soloist

Last night was a concert featuring our "Community Singers" here in town. I thought that with Emma's love of Christmas songs and Gavin's love of all things fine arts, I would take them with me to the show.
The seating slowly filled - almost full - and 99% of them were the cutest little elderly people with their fancy sweaters and suspenders and ties. The other 1% was the three of us and a couple other families, who I think had grandparents singing.
They sang a number of songs, as well as a couple hand-bell songs (REALLY cool, by the way! The biggest handbell weighed in at 20 pounds!) and a dancing song featuring Santa himself! (Who didn't fool the 6 year olds - it was indeed, a "helper", dressed up).
The very last number was an audience participation carolling. It was a medly of about 10 Christmas songs and we were all to stand and sing along. The very first song was "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", and Emma sang her little heart out. Out LOUD, that is. Every little comment between lines ("like a lightbulb!") was belted out in the cutest, loudest, little voice in the room. People were all smiles, looking around to see who that big voice was coming from. At the end of the song, when all the clapping was done, I got several compliments on my "twins".
"These two are so well behaved! He was so still!"
"You're children are VERY well behaved!"
"You've done a good job with that one! She knew ALL her songs, and didn't miss a beat!"
"She sure has the prettiest little voice! Like an angel!"
"What WONDERFUL children you have! They behaved so well!"
Oh, the way your heart swells with pride when someone compliments you on your children - even when one isn't really yours... especially when they are "elderly". They were raised in the times when children were allowed to be spanked without calling DHS and sent to bed without dinners. (Luuucky!) Children were reared "properly" back then, and to hear so many tell me that my own daughter, whom I struggle with almost daily on her behaviors, was well-behaved, well that makes me feel great. Like all the hard times I endure and struggles I go through is all worth it, knowing that this little girl can be well behaved, even for just 2 hours. Its in there, it's instilled, and it's working!
I'm proud of you, Emma & Gavin.
I know it's hard to be still and concentrate for 2 long hours in a seat. Even harder when two other children are running up and down aisles and slamming doors. And even harder when it's past your bedtime, your foot has an itch and one nose-hole is plugged and the other is stuffy.
I know.
But you did it, and I wasn't the only one that noticed.
And the people who should be the MOST proud are the two of you.

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