Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ho Ho Ho!

After my sister's graduation, we headed to our favorite Christmastime mall to see the "real" Santa. They took quite a few snapshots, but the one we decided on was perfect, as it showed the personalities of each of our children. See for yourself... "Fabulous!" and "I hate the maaaalllll".
After his rescue from Santa, Evan found some presents that he decided were better suited for him than for decoration. Hee hee!
Emma in an Alaskan scene - practicing for her auntie's impending move to the frozen state on Wednesday :( This mall has the BEST holiday decor. I love going there. I bet there are over 50 Christmas trees there!
Not to mention the two huge fountains :)

Emma wished this candy cane was real! Yum!
A self-portait of the Santa-seeing crew. Ha!
My boys :)...
My girls :)...
...and probably my favorite tree ornament at the mall. Evan makes his little "sign" for "bird", and it just makes all birds cute :)
There are also old-tyme carolers that roam the mall instead of the loudspeaker radio playing.
Evan found more birds...

I love this annual trip. It always kinda sets the frame for "Hurry and get stuff done! Christmas is just around the corner!".
Yikes - I better get to shopping, and baking, and planning!!
Happy Holidays!

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