Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye, 2009!

A sweet beginning to a new year!

Evan wears his first tie :)

A first tooth is lost.

Evan enjoys his first snow days & Emma is thrilled to share her old sled :)

Starts off with a silly face!

And a dance with Daddy & Daughter.

John & Uncle Brock take second in a Rockband Tournament!

And the little Princess turned SIX!

The lazy days of Spring were on their way...

John & I celebrated our birthday

The kids & I went out for Green Eggs & Ham on St. Patty's Day

and by the end of March, the warmer weather had begun its stay :)

A cold morning egg hunt started off April with a hop!

And the little guy moved into his own room!

A spring fire-storm came and burned all but Grandad's house!

OSU Soccer begins! (And so do crow's feet! Yikes!!)

Evan's first pool gets used!

And it ends with a first haircut :(

Emma has her annual dance recital - the most beautiful dancer I've ever seen!

She later graduates from Ms. Hagan's Kindergarten class.

And summer break starts off with a camping trip at Tada and Abuela's house.

We end the school year with a trip to Branson, MO (after my appendix was removed - yuck!)

We returned home just in time for Tee-Ball.

Emma helped Papa gather fresh produce from his garden (YUM!)

AND she attended Girl Scout Camp  in the 3 digit heat!

July always starts off with a few big bangs!

Evan had his first swim lesson.

and celebrated his FIRST birthday! Can you believe it?!?

Emma was invited to her first "prom" in August.

We went to many fun places this summer, including Leonardo's Museum.

Niecey came for a visit, and got to accompany Emma on her first day of 1st Grade!

AND she learned to ride her bike without training wheels!!

Our little angel turned 3 this year.

and we celebrated Grandparent's Day at school with Papa!

OSU Football season started!

And Evan took his first step!

I shot my favorite photo of the year...

And a little caterpillar found a new friend.

Emma's Soccer season came to a close.

But she made the swim team!

And we joined up with our friends to make the perfect box of Halloween crayons!

Fall had arrived early this year.

Remember the tie?!?

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner in our beautiful home.

Santa came and left lots of fun stuff!

And it was the *perfect* white Christmas.

As this year comes to a close, I want to remind each and every one of you of how special you are to us, and how often we think of you, no matter how close or far away you are.
Remember that this is a new year, a time for beginnings, so put all the negative feelings and events away, and start anew! I always try to live positive. It's hard, and downright impossible at times, but I always tell myself these things...
Forgive some, forget others. There are evil people in this world, and you aren't a bad person for having deserved hate or unforgivness inside you. But forgive what can be, or should be, and forget what you need not remember.
Smile even when you don't feel like it - you'll feel better (or at least crazy!)
Count your blessings EVERY day - it gets you through the tough times.
Call a friend, a family member, or God.
Email, snail mail, or blog.
But talk. Piece of mind is easier that way.
And last, but not least, remember yourself.
Look what you've been through this far! You're stronger than you ever thought you could be.
Remember that time that you thought this was the end?
It wasn't.
Remind yourself of the lowest times in your life. You MADE IT!
Everytime that you think you can't go on, remember that in a year, a month, a week, you'll look back on this moment in time, and say "I did it."
Life is never easy, and if you're like me, you can't even make lemonade when life hands you lemons because they're rotten, but you can always bury them and make fertilizer for a beautiful new flower. It just takes a little longer.
Happy New Year, everyone!
May 2010 bring you all the best!!

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