Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Calendars!

On the 10th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeee...
...a swatting toy for little kit-teeeee. And it also brings me my sweet little boy awaiting dinner! So, you're probably wondering where the "free calendar" title comes in. Well, wait no longer.
John & I ate out today for lunch (a rare, but fun event!), at a Chinese Restaurant called "Great Wall". It was merry and bright and clean. There was even a little singing, dancing robotic dog dressed as a tree on the counter. Once in awhile, as we were eating, the Chinese man behind the desk would break out in random song with it, but it was more funny than not.
At first, he said we had a cute baby, and was it a boy or girl. "Boy or Girl?!?" I thought, looking at Evan in his camo vest and basketball shoes. John told him that Evan was indeed, a boy, and he replied with "Oh! I thought it look like girl!" Nice. Thank you. Nothing like accusing someones child as being the other sex after it has already been established. Note to self : Evan gets a haircut tomorrow.
So, we're sitting and eating in this tiny restaurant, and there are a few other couples doing the same. As they all finish up, the little man comes out from behind the counter and hands them each a calendar. I can't help but notice that they are the typical free calendars with a mountain in Asia somewhere photographed for the cover, and no doubt beautiful landscape photos for each month. "Great." I thought, "Another calendar that I'll have no use for. I guess I'll take it to the resale shop with the rest of them". You know the kind - a little like the Chinese version of this:
As our lunch dwindled, the other customers had left, and we were cleaning up to leave. About to stand up, I realized that he hadn't given us our free calendar. Now, I'm not one to complain - well, okay, so I am - a little - but now that the useless calendar wasn't offered to us, I felt a little ripped off!
Anyway, as we are heading to the door, the man comes rushing out from behind the counter, and had the calendar, almost folded in half, and stealthily gives it to John. I thought it was a little awkward. "Maybe he just didn't want ME to have it", I thought.
We get to the car, and look at our free calendar.
No wonder it was given stealthily to John.
This was the scenic one we got...
HAHAHAHAHA! Can you believe it?!?
I guess if you come eat with a wife that has some Asian decent, he figures that you like Asian girls, and you get the "special" calendar.
We about died laughing.
Haaaaaaapy New Year!

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