Sunday, December 20, 2009

Feliz Navidad!

On the 17th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeee...
...a hairbow for the snowy bun-neeeee. Here is a journal entry that I found in Emma's journal...
SUPER cute!
She also had her school party on Friday. They have been studying Mexico, and so their holiday party was in that theme.
Emma took her Mexican dress with her to change into for the party, and was excited to wear it for her friends.

She's in the back towards the left.
They sang songs in Spanish for the parents.
The goodies were so cute & yummy!
Here they are performing "Head, Shoulders, Legs and Feet" in Spanish. (Knees and toes just didn't sound right in Spanish)! Ha ha!
They decorated their tablecovers for the party.
We love you, too, Emma!

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