Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Week!

On the 21st day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeeee...
...some stickers for the little paper treeeeee.
On the 22nd day of Christmas, my calendar gave to me...
...a present for the little kit-teee.On the 23rd day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeee...
...a hairbow for the little kit-teee.Monday morning, I left two sleeping kids alone while I took a quick shower. As I was drying off, I could hear little giggles and laughs in the baby monitor. When I went down the hall to peek in, here is what I saw...
two tickling little kiddos. So sweet. I can't think of a better way to start off Christmas week! :)
So that night, we let the kids open one present - a pair of Christmas p.j.'s. Emma has "pajama day" at school Tuesday, so a new pair of PJs was in order :)

This was Evan's first gift. He didn't quite get to unwrap any last year...

Look at that cute little pajama-clad toddler!
Pajama day at school was really fun! Emma had been looking forward to having a pajama day since her first one in pre-K. The kids looked so cute in their jammies! (and so did Ms. Allen!)
Here is Emma at her table with Seth and Sophia.
Since they were studying Mexico, Ms. Allen made them "Mexican hot cocoa". I was a little leery, since it called for chile powder in the recipe, but it was actually really good!
That afternoon the school put on a "Holiday Sing-Along". Can you find Waldo? I mean, Emma? She's waving...
Here's a bit of the Jingle Bell ROCK!

I love that little girl! :)
And of course Evan & I came to listen to the beautiful sounds of little voices!
Since it was the last day of school, Gavin's mom called and said that they had a present for Emma, so it was off to their house, where we found 5 little boys anxiously awaitng her arrival so they could open the gifts!
It was her own personalized jacket. And Emma LOVED it. It's the colors of her swim team, and the Stillwater Middle through High School pioneers.
The kids all looked so cute!
...and that was the last day of school for 2009.
SO, on our first day of "Winter Break", we headed up to my in-laws house. It was an early morning, and for the occasion, I made Emma a special breakfast...
Ho Ho Ho!!
When we arrived at "Abuela"'s house, she got to open her stocking.

When we met up with John's dad and brother, the kids got to open their Christmas gifts. (Our camera was in the car, so Abuela took the pics!). But Emma got some Littlest Pet Shop figures and Evan got his first "Engine Overhaul" set. Super cute!
On the way back home, we were praying for good weather, which held up for us :). We stopped to gas up and Emma got a berry puree drink. After she gave Evan a sip, he decided that it wasn't going back to sister, and no one could get near it. Look! You can see it in the eyes! HA!
Lucky for him, he has the *best* sister in the world, who let him sip on it all the way home.
The snow is supposed to come tonight, and I am excited! John's parents got me these snowy angels, and I LOVE them! Lets hope they don't melt away! ;)
I hope you are enjoying the holidays as much as we are! God has blessed us with such good friends and family. These truly are the gifts above all!

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