Sunday, December 6, 2009

The 3 Ghosts of Christmas

On the 5th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeee...
...a monkey toy for little pup-eeeee!
On the 6th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeee....
...a friend for my little pup-eeeeee!
(and her name is "Mistletoe!")
Last night we all went to my dad's cabin for dinner. He put up the tree and it reminded us of Charlie Brown's tree with the wooden stand, so Brock put his scarf around it to keep it warm :) Hee hee!
It was so pretty. Something about a Christmas tree in a log cabin just feels like that's how Christmas is supposed to be.
This one was blurry, but it looked really cool! :D
The boys had brought over the Christmas train we had as children growing up. Definately a ghost of Christmases past. It reminded me of all the fun times we had leading up to and after Christmas as a child. They said the other morning that the way you decorate for the holidays is a reflection of how happy your childhood holidays were. Well, no wonder I single-handedly bring the property values down with all my decor! Holidays were the BEST when I was small! I've had a Christmas tree EVERY Christmas my whole life - no matter where I was. Thanks, Mom & Dad!!
Now I know that my little kiddos will grow up with happy memories and traditions forever being passed on to generations in the future. We're the ghosts of Christmas future! Woo hoo!
Kurt got the track put together and we put the train on, but it moved at a snails pace to say the least, so then it was time to troubleshoot...
Brock & Gretchen oiled the wheels and Kurt & I checked the tracks and rail connections.
Emma helped sand the tracks down, too!
In the end, we got it running pretty well by dinner time. :) I miss electric trains. Our battery powered one just isn't quite the same!
Daddy made his famous lasagne for dinner. Evan gobbled it up (on his own, for the most part. Yay! Evan!)
It was delicious! Thank you, Daddy!!
Then, it was off to watch the "Ultimate Fighter" final fight, which I fell asleep during. Oops. Thank goodness for friends who don't draw on you when you fall asleep on their couch! (Or at least can't find a sharpie fast enough...)
Thanks, Ryan & Amanda!

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