Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Thursday night was trick-or-treating night here in town since there were football games on Friday & Saturday. (Traffic was a concern). SO, Thursday night, we all dressed up for some Halloween fun! Here is John in his Darth Maul costume with skeleton Evan & Pirate Joey in tow (I was watching the Sires boys that day, so they got drug along!)
Our neighbor joined us for Micah's first Halloween. Here is a really fun house! Under her coat, Emma is a "Punk-rock skeleton princess".

Our Wal-Mart had trick or treating there, too, so on our way, we stopped by. Evan tried to treat himself to NyQuil, Blu-Rays, and other treats he found. So funny - and confusing, I'm sure!

I left my wings in the car :(
Earlier when I had all 7 kids by myself, I was telling people I was going as the "Octomom"!
We HAD to stop by and trick-or-treat at Ms Allen's house, of course!
Her class party was the next day, Friday, at school. The decorations are always so cute there :) Here are some fall "overlapping" pictures the kids did.
Yummy Halloween treats!
The game (which Anitra & I were in charge of) was a race to wrap your mummy! It was hilarious to see the kids trying to wrap their friends in toilet paper!
Emma the Mummy!
After school, it was off to John's work to trick-or-treat. The workers had all decorated their hallways and offices and it was a lot of fun (and candy!) Em was a surgeon this time.
Dr. Ian, Captain Gavin, Engineer Keenan, and Dr. Emma were all sugary smiled!
We found daddy!
Later that night, there was another Halloween carnival at the Student Union that we stopped in to. The kids were crayons again.
It was soooo crowded there, we didn't stay long!
What a wonderful Halloween we had! Who knew we would have enough candy to last us until next Halloween?! :)
We hope you had a hauntingly fun week, too!

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