Monday, November 9, 2009

Thank you.

Thank you for these miracles!
How many gene pools have contributed to come together in sheer miraculous achievement to give Emma her daddy's nose or Evan my lips?
The sweet smell of a new baby, resting quietly on my chest, the sounds of sleeping breaths from these angels, these are so close from heaven. How else can you explain the wonderous joy you recieve as these tiny little beings are born into this crazy world?
So pure and good.
Thank you, for you sprinkle sparkles on everyday life, you give hope and support to these pieces of my heart & soul .
Thank you for helping support us in our childrearing without judging or demanding it be done as you had done before us.
Thank you for sending these sweet souls safely and healthy to us, and
Thank you for taking care of of our littlest angel until we are together again.
You have always been behind us, always given us the strength to move ahead, no matter how hard the road.
Please know that in this month, the month of giving thanks, and every other month of the year,
We thank you.

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  1. They are so very beautiful! You do have much to be thankful for. Very precious indeed! Lovely picture.


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