Monday, October 12, 2009

A Virtual Fallish Visit...

Welcome to the Castro home, a place for boys & ghouls,
Where squash & pumpkins adorn the halls, and mantleplace and tables,

The littlest goblins play with toys while waiting for their feasts,

While larger goblins upon placemats, sit to eat their treats,

The towels hung hold spooky wishes,

While candy hides in pumpkin dishes!

Eerie lights flicker up the wall,

And Halloween books for one and all!

Amongst the leaves hide skulls and ghosts,

While pumpkins dress with pride of most!

A captured soul begs for freedom,
And October artwork hangs for all to read them,

Monster shoes are by far the best!

Sit on the front porch and have a rest,

Three Castro Kids will keep you entertained,

As Mom & Dad withstand the rains.

The flowers bloom with colors of fall,
From the Castro Family, Happy Halloween to all!

Poem & Photos, Copyright Heidi Castro, 2009

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