Monday, October 12, 2009

These [feet] were made for walkin'! (and vacuuming...)

Evan has begun to prefer to walk from one sturdy object to another in lieu of crawling. What an achievement for the little guy! I am so proud of him, however, deep down, it makes me very sad. My little baby, my last little baby, will be walking soon. This could very well be the last time I have a little crawler in my house. A first time mother is always filled with awe and amazement at everything your child accomplishes, and can't wait for the next milestone. As a last time mother, you are looking forward as well, but you have that rear view mirror positioned just right, and you can't help but feel a little sad that you won't be driving down that beautiful road again.
Oh sweet children of mine, please grow as you wish, but don't rush. Never hurry. I walked with you slowly down our life's path together, as you learned to walk, observing all of God's creation, and I hope that when I am once again slow, you will walk beside me again, in our snail's pace, and you will have your own little ones, toddling beside us, showing us mushrooms and caterpillars and birds in the sky. 5 feet an hour, and never missing a beat. Let the sun kiss our faces and our hands hold tight one another, as before, long ago, on those days back in Sunnyvale, in Stillwater, and everywhere in between.
Grow slowly, little pumpkins.
You have forever to get there.
And Daddy & I don't mind waiting.

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