Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

Today was Emma's class trip to the pumpkin patch! Coincidently, it was the same patch we had gone to earlier this fall! We were excited to go again!
We were a little nervous to go through the corn maze after our last experience (and 2 hours of our lives!) the previous visit, but we did well, and survived!

We got to ride the barrel train this time, which was a big plus for Emma, since we were too cheap to go last time! Hee hee! Evan LOVED it!

I'm not sure what I was screaming at here, but it looks like Ms. Allen wants me to stop! Ha haha!
Onto the big hayride out to the pumpkin patch!
Evan took a liking to Ms. Allen and her sparkly shirt!
So sweet :)

Emma picked this bumpy pumpkin and said that it had "Swine Flu". HAHAHAHAHA! Mommy's paranoia has become an epidemic in pumpkins now!
Back on the hayride to go back to the farm with all our pumpkins!
Evan was so happy to walk with the teacher :)
Emma's favorite was the tire horse swings.
Lauren & Amanda skipped out early!
Evan wanted to ride the barrel train again.
It was pretty cold & windy! (Which explains why Emma had my giant sweatshirt on!)
The greatest daddies and their littlest sons.
A happy camper on the way home!
I had fun today! Thank you for inviting us along!

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