Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Open House!

Last night, Sangre Ridge Elementary held their open house, and we got to go see Emma's classroom! She has been working hard on all her classwork!
Here she is, showing us her way of adding peas & carrots up to seven. (Which in real life, would include NO peas!) :D

She researched pigs for this bulletin board decoration:

"My animal is a pig. A female pig is called a sow. A male is a boar. A baby is a piglet. Pigs eat meat and vegetables and grain. Pigs are cute and pigs have a snout and pigs have piglets. Wilbur he is cute."

Farmer Emma grew some wheat!

A letter to Wilbur after reading "Charolette's Web".
"Dear Wilbur, Congratulations for getting a meadl (medal). You are a good pig. Love, Emma"
Reading us the story her class wrote, using the framework of "The Little Red Hen".
The Tooth Chart. Emma's first front tooth earned her the latest spot on the list.
Reading about animal jobs, and using the big pointer wand. (She loves that thing!)
I am so proud of all that she has accomplished in her 6 years of life. This little girl is so bright and creative. I love that she continues to have wonderful teachers that let her dream and create in her own way. We are truly blessed.

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