Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Homecoming 2009

The weekend has ended, and I think we are all still recovering! :) Friday night was the "Walk-Around". All the greek houses put up huge decorations for the event, and thousands of people walk the campus at night to see them all. We stopped by my house to see the decorations from this year. Here is Emma checking out the big sign out front. This was their house dec. Each sorority joins up with a fraternity, and the "decs" are usually on the fraternity lawns. Emma liked the Alpha Chi one best because it had an iphone on it. :)

Saturday afternoon was the "Sea of Orange Parade". This was the first time it wasn't really early in the morning, so we had to get our spot early! We ate a picnic lunch and waited for the parade to start at 2:00. I got to see Baby Ethan again! His first Homecoming parade! I remember Evan being about this age for his first homecoming last year. (snif snif). And here's my big boy, finding a very handsome guy looking out at him through the window reflection. :)
Of course Emma was looking as sweet as can be :)
Our friends' truck bed made a great playpen for the kids :)
The parade started at 2, as promised. We always sit at the very beginning of the parade so we can get out of there before all the traffic hits (and they are never out of candy or freebies!)
One of the Grand Marshalls of the parade, Garth Brooks. He was inducted into the OSU Alumni hall of fame along with Barry Sanders and Robin Ventura, who were both here as well.
My favorite group in the parade was the Tivis Family & The Rise School. My little guy Ayden and his sister & mom were walking the whole parade with their orange wagon. And thanks to Nickle, the kids around us were looking pretty gangish after she gave Em her whole bag of candy! I think they were ready to mob her! Thanks, Auntie Nickle!!
Saturday night was the big game. And it was COLD. The kickoff time had not been announced until a couple weeks before the game, and we had already gotten a ticket for Emma. Had we known it would be at 8:15 on a freezing night, we probably would have rethunk that, but we just bundled her up and off we went! I think they made quite a bit of money off all the hot cocoa they sold at $2 for a small cup! (Though still a better deal than Starbucks!). We had to wait in a couple different booth lines before we found one that wasn't sold out!
Emma's favorite part of the game is when we make a touchdown and Bullet (the horse) laps the field. Luckily, she got to see him quite a lot that night!
It was an awesome homecoming, and even better since we won our game! Homecoming is always the archway that symbolizes the beginning of the end of the year festivities for me. I always know that the next three months will slip away fast!
I am already planning a couple new dishes to add to the annual Thanksgiving dinner this year, and we are REALLY excited for this year's Christmas because our whole Eberle clan will be here (Unless Alex fails again...which he better not!) Plus, Evan is old enough now that it will be really exciting to watch him make his way out to the tree with footie pajamas & bedhead, in all the Christmas glory :)
Have a wonderful week!

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