Monday, October 12, 2009

Hauntings from the past!

My favorite holiday is approaching fast! The pumpkins are nestled all snug on their porch, and the ghosts are hung from the trees in care. Well, almost!

The wet weather has hindered a lot of outdoor decorating, but we'll get there! I thought these photos from hauntings past may get you in the spoooky mood, starting with 2002!


Emma was cooking in my oven. My jack-O-Lantern has a tiny one inside her belly, though looking back, it could have been percieved as a cannibal pumpkin! Yikes! ;)

Emma's very first Halloween. I made this poodle costume from a white onesie. It was the cutest little thing! I still, today, think that this was one of my best :)


The Care Bears were back with a vengence, and even though Emma didn't watch TV, she loved this yellow "Funshine Bear", and chose it for her costume. Her best friend, Rion, was the pink "Cheer Bear". Cute :)

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A pirate's Life for me! Our little girl chose this costume on her own. I believe a ride through Disneyland's Pirates of the Carribbean sparked the intrest in pirates. Grammie had come out to Cali that Halloween.
Emma had begun to watch "The Backyardigans", a new show on noggin. Her favorite character was a penguin named "Pablo". Thus, the costume for this year.
Emma fell in love with her "Wizard of Oz" happy meal dolls from McDonalds. We looked everywhere for the perfect "Toto" that year. Here we are, including a borrowed little boy, little Jack Farhar. :)
Even John & I got in on the fun that year for the downtown celebration. We dressed as Jack & Sally from "The Nightnare Before Christmas". (And came away with a trophy for "Most Scary")
Emma dressed as a farmer and pushed Harley around in his egg stroller drressed as a chicken. She won "Best theme".

Last year was Evan's first year of Halloween. He was a monkey, I was the tree, naturally. Emma was a zombie flapper. John was out of town for the Stillwater Celebration, but made it for Halloween day. We were so glad!

This year, all four of us (plus a group of friends) are dressing similar, yet different. You'll have to wait and see!!
Haaaaaapy Halloween!!

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