Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Harvest Carnival

Today was a big day for Evan! His little friend, Micah,came over for a little bit this morning to play. He brought a book with a cat on it to share. When Evan began to "read" the book, he said "Kitty!" and took it over to sleeping Calypso, saying "Kitty! Kitty!" and giving the kitty the kitty book. It's so cool to see him relate the two objects even when one is so different in so many ways from the other. He knew they were both "Kitties". My smart little guy!

Micah & his mommy!
Lemmie see that camera, Mommy!Having SO much fun showing Micah his toys!
Today was also the first day that he got on and "rode" his little zebra toy all by himself.
Tonight OSU's Homecoming week kicked off with the annual Harvest Carnival. It is an event put on by student groups for families and children. I remember putting together booths during college for this event, never thinking that one day, I would be the one taking my own kids to it! I also remember actually coming to this carnival as a child!
Every year, the Alumni Association puts out a Homecoming "program" with all the events and Homecoming festivities inside. The theme for this year:
As we were flipping through it, looking at the homecoming court and the greek house decs, we noticed some familiar faces...
Wow! How cool is that?!? An entire page of US! In the program of our FAVORITE week EVER?!?!
It's good to be a Cowboy! :)
Here is Emma doing some of the carnival booth games...

This one was my favorite - picking the horse's nose!!

Here is the game that my sorority house put on - a game of hoops!
We found our little friend, Ethan there! SO cute with his skull beanie!
But soon, he was asleep.
What a smile!
Evan met his friend, William there. His first friend, they are only days apart in age.
Feeling a little shy :)
Emma found William's grandparents there, who are also the grandparents of her friend, James.
It was a fun night - and we can't wait for the rest of the week!!
Orange Power!

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