Friday, October 2, 2009


Emma's soccer game Saturday was full of excitement! She was playing really hard because her OSU soccer friend had come to watch her game. Lucky for Whitney, she got to see an amazing goal by Emma! :)
Stealing the ball from the other team...

The excitement was too much for us, so we missed the actual goal shot, but here she is afterwards, all smiles :) "I got 1 goal so far, Daddy!"
Thanks, Whitney, for coming out to watch the game!
Last night was a big party for all the Pistol Pete's Partners. We had an autograph party with the football players, and dinner & a movie in Boone Pickens Stadium. Gavin came with us!
Emma wanted her jersey signed this time. The players all thought it was so strange to see a pink OSU jersey for the first time!
This is Dez Bryant, #1, who is John's favorite. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated last month (and yes, John got him to sign it). :)
My little guy, with all 7 chompers gleaming! :)
We all know who Emma was waiting to see...
She loves her QB Zac! (Who has now signed this jersey twice)
After we got all the was off to Lewis Field for some fun!
Evan loved that he could crawl on the turf.
Daddy loved that he couldn't escape or get into things.
Mommy loved that turf doesn't cause grass stains! ;D
Look at him GO!
This is his serious football face...
(Hee hee!)
I love this one.
Zoom! Zoom!
The turf didn't leave grass stains, but it sure stuck to clothes & hair like glue!
The prettiest cowgirl ever!
This is the gate that Bullet (the horse) stands behind while he's watching the game with his riders. Emma and her friends Avery & Gavin liked to climb it!
Here's a rare shot of me! with my friends Rebecca & Anitra!
and the princess of OSU...
...without a front tooth!

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