Friday, October 9, 2009

Evan & The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Evan & I took a short walk this afternoon. It was cold - around 51 degrees today, and so we were in the house for most of the day. We drove down to a nearby park and walked a short walk down the sidewalk to look for birds (his newest sign language sign AND verbal "twee"). As we stopped to look at some pretty yellow leaves that had fallen from a cool breeze, he noticed a fluffy caterpillar hiding in the bark of the tree. He plucked it out and was SO proud of his treasure! When he accidently dropped it, he was heartbroken until he found it again.
It's a funny thing, having this tiny little boy. I get to see the world and all God's miracles in a simpler time, in a child's eyes, when everything can be explained by simply stated "magic". What was it about this magnificent creature that had my little son so amazed and enamored? Whatever it was, it was special, and I thank God for it. Nothing melts my heart like his sweet toothy smile.

Want to see the whole photo shoot?

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