Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Color me Cute!

Last night, Stillwater had its annual downtown Halloweenfest! I had been working on our costumes for weeks, and my friend Ann & I had just finished the wagon that afternoon. We couldn't think of anything better for a group of 12 friends than a box of colorful crayons!
Here's little green!
Our group of 12: Navy (Ian), Red (Keenan), Pink (Ann), White (Me!), Blue (Gavin), Green (Evan), Lavender (Ethan), Purple (Anitra), Fuschia (Emma), Gray (Kyle), Lt. Blue (Joey), and Black (John). You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find solid colored sweats for boys in anything but black, grey, and blue! Whew!

Me & my two little crayons :) A fabulous shot of me and Ev (Thanks, honey!) Haha!
Talking to a headless man named Quiddam. (Or at least that's what we gathered with our sign language skills...)
It was a long, cold evening, but our hard work paid off as we were handed the trophy for "Most Creative". Now the question is, how to split a trophy 12 ways...

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