Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip!

Today was Emma's class trip to the pumpkin patch! Coincidently, it was the same patch we had gone to earlier this fall! We were excited to go again!
We were a little nervous to go through the corn maze after our last experience (and 2 hours of our lives!) the previous visit, but we did well, and survived!

We got to ride the barrel train this time, which was a big plus for Emma, since we were too cheap to go last time! Hee hee! Evan LOVED it!

I'm not sure what I was screaming at here, but it looks like Ms. Allen wants me to stop! Ha haha!
Onto the big hayride out to the pumpkin patch!
Evan took a liking to Ms. Allen and her sparkly shirt!
So sweet :)

Emma picked this bumpy pumpkin and said that it had "Swine Flu". HAHAHAHAHA! Mommy's paranoia has become an epidemic in pumpkins now!
Back on the hayride to go back to the farm with all our pumpkins!
Evan was so happy to walk with the teacher :)
Emma's favorite was the tire horse swings.
Lauren & Amanda skipped out early!
Evan wanted to ride the barrel train again.
It was pretty cold & windy! (Which explains why Emma had my giant sweatshirt on!)
The greatest daddies and their littlest sons.
A happy camper on the way home!
I had fun today! Thank you for inviting us along!

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Color me Cute!

Last night, Stillwater had its annual downtown Halloweenfest! I had been working on our costumes for weeks, and my friend Ann & I had just finished the wagon that afternoon. We couldn't think of anything better for a group of 12 friends than a box of colorful crayons!
Here's little green!
Our group of 12: Navy (Ian), Red (Keenan), Pink (Ann), White (Me!), Blue (Gavin), Green (Evan), Lavender (Ethan), Purple (Anitra), Fuschia (Emma), Gray (Kyle), Lt. Blue (Joey), and Black (John). You wouldn't believe how hard it was to find solid colored sweats for boys in anything but black, grey, and blue! Whew!

Me & my two little crayons :) A fabulous shot of me and Ev (Thanks, honey!) Haha!
Talking to a headless man named Quiddam. (Or at least that's what we gathered with our sign language skills...)
It was a long, cold evening, but our hard work paid off as we were handed the trophy for "Most Creative". Now the question is, how to split a trophy 12 ways...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Swim Meet Video!

My friend took this video of Emma doing her 25m breaststroke for me! So cute!

Thank you, Anitra!!
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Red Ribbon Week Kicks Off!

This week in school is "Red Ribbon Week", which creates awareness about drug resistance education. Today, everyone was supposed to wear red to highlight the start of D.A.R.E. week. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education). And here's Miss Emma in all her red glory!

This morning's "Morning Message" from Ms Allen said...

(p.s. the mistakes in the message are on purpose ~ the kids fix it every morning, unlike my blogs!)
Here is some of the class in their red!
Emma & her friend, Presley, both were head to toe in red!
When I returned home, this interesting lady was watching me in the kitchen window.
She started off with her praying hands...
But after a few pictures, she was done praying, and watching me with vengence! Yikes!
Even Calypso tried to play with her from the safety of the house!
This week will be a busy one, with all the Halloween events we're going to! I can hardly wait!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Some random events...

Evan likes playing with magnets. Lucky for him, we have 2 metal doors, a dishwasher, refridgerator, and laundry machines that give him ample space to play :)
Emma got her first "Wow!" , and couldn't have been more proud :)

I love these kids!
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Our Little Fish!

Emma competed in her first swim meet this weekend! It was a very early Saturday morning for us ~ she had to be there by 8am! She would compete in 2 events ~ the 25m freestyle (breaststroke) and the 23m backstroke. Here she is getting some practice in before the meet starts!

Brr! It was cold getting out of the water! The Shockers! gather together while the other teams practice - Enid, Lawton, & Woodward were all here.

Hi, cutie! :)
Instead of jersey numbers, the swimmers get "Sharpied". They mark the races, lanes, and events on their arm or leg in sharpie marker. Emma usually gets scolded for drawing on herself, so she thought it was pretty cool! :)
Taking her mark for the 25m Backstroke!
And off she goes!

She (unofficially) took 2nd place in the race. Way to go, Emma!
Cheering on her friend, Emma Li!
Her teacher, Ms. Allen, even came to see her and her other two classmates, Gavin & Isabel, race. It meant so much to her! She was panicked because she had forgotten to tell me to email her until Saturday morning, so it was very late notice (on an early morning!) and she came to see them anyway. Thank you, Ms. Allen! You're the best!
Taking her mark on the second event - the 25m breaststroke.
And off she goes!

She (also unofficially) took 4th in this race! We'll have to wait until this week to get the final standings.
What a sweet little swimmer
Em & Gav
Can you believe these little guys just learned how to swim 3 months ago??
We are SO proud of you!!
Congratulations on all your hard work!

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