Friday, September 11, 2009

What is the country coming to??

I ran out of milk this morning, so Evan & I drove off to Walgreens to get some more (half gallons are on sale there for $1.29 this week!). And, off the subject, our favorite snack, Cheeddar Chex Mix was on sale for 99c a bag, which is about $2.00 less than normal! Woo hoo!
Anyway, Walgreens is always strange because you have these sickly people meandering the aisles while waiting on their perscriptions to be filled. Like zombies. It's a little like a video game. You have to run away with baby in cart when you see a zombie coming up your aisle. Hurry! Find an empty, germ-free aisle!! Germ-x & lysol!! Argg!
Well, today as I was flipping through the weekly ad, a zombie sseated on a bench was going on & on about how depressed he felt about the weather. And the president. And the illegal aliens. And the war. And Mercruiser. And outsourcing. He finally told the friend on the phone:
"I felt so depressed this morning, I called the suicide hotline. But they sent me to an operator in the middle east! When I told them I was suicidal, he asked me if I knew how to fly planes!"
Well, no wonder he was so depressed! I wasn't sure if he was telling a joke or not, but I wasn't willing to stay and find out, as profanities started spilling out of his dry lips.
That was the final zombie. We ran out.
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