Saturday, September 5, 2009

Way to go, Cowboys!!!

Well, Cowboy football season has begun, and we won our first game, beating the Georgia Bulldogs 24-10! Woo hoo! Photos from the day:
The kids dressed in orange!

Tailgating with his buddy, Ayden. "Why didn't Daddy bring me HIS PS3?!?"

Evan doesn't like to crawl on anything "dirty", so he prefers concrete. Which is why Mommy has to make him wear these lovely knee pads. His face says it all...

...and here's why...

Emma playing on the stairs :)

With these kids she met.

We met Jenn at the alumni pep rally for their zillionth-annual photo...

...and our annual Boone Pickens photo (with wife, Madalyn).

Evan is ready to see the players start the "walk" to the stadium.

Emma's QB Zac!

Coach Gundy

And the sea of orange on the walk.

Back to the tailgate for lunch
(Thanks, Nickle!!)
This is probably not the best picture of me, John! I'm just sayin....

Evan eats by his sleeping beauty, Ruthie.

Baby Ethan and his first OSU football!

Emma at Boone Pickens Stadium.
Pistols Firing!

Let the games...begin!

In the game program, there was an ad for
"Football 101".
Hey! Look!

Evan must have been born a cowboy! His hair seems to like the Gundy spikes!

And the icing on the cake?
Hee hee!
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