Friday, September 18, 2009

Walk-A-Thon 2009!

A couple days ago while Evan & I were waiting for Emma's bus, this 8-legged momma came scurrying by. She was HUGE! And all those bumps on her bum? Dozens of BABIES!! Ewwww!

My sweet little guy watching for "Um-uh" to come home on the bus :)

Friday was the Walk-A-Thon at Emma's school. (You probably remember last years). It's their only fundraiser for the school. Last year they were raising money for the school. Emma raised over $50, and it went to the new playground. Unfortunately, I disagreed with the fund spending, because I thought the 4 kindergartens needed roof repairs, since our kids couldn't play in certain areas of their classrooms over 50% of the time, due to leaks. Needless to say, we didn't ask any of you to donate money to the school this year. I'm just not sure how well it's being spent...
On the bright side, as class photographer, I went up to the class early, and got to see Emma do her duties as the calendar leader!
She changed the date frame, and led the kids in counting (in English & Spanish) all the way up to the date - 18!
Then, it was off to the playground to do the Walk-A-Thon!
The kids got ice pops to keep them cool - even though it was MUCH cooler than last year!
The DJ that was playing the music had a lot of Emma's favorites, including Hannah Montana, the Chicken Dance, the Hamster Dance, and more silly moving songs. The kids were dancing along!
Emma, Prestly, & Avery
And, finally, the class photo!
And the silly class photo!
For more photos I took of the Walk-A-Thon, click HERE.

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