Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Child O' Mine

Evan's fever finally broke last night! Hooray! So, finally I got some sleep, too.
BUT this morning when I got him up, he was covered in a rash!
Freaking out, I called the doctor. Turns out, it's completely normal for this to happen after the fever has broken on a viral cold. I had never seen it happen to Emma or Niecey before, so I had no idea! Scary. Anyway, it will go away on its own, and it's not contagious or anything, so we're good. :)

The weather has cooled off a little again, down to the high 70's. Perhaps the sun didn't want us to have a fallish day for the pumpkin patch ;)

Daddy left for Japan early this morning for a business trip, and Kurt will leave Wednesday to go back to Japan, too. I can't wait until the holidays when our family will (hopefully) all be together again! I loved growing up in a big family, but once you grow up, you find out that it's very hard to have the family back together again. My parents did an excellent job (maybe too good!) in raising us to be independant and well educated, which makes it even harder now that my siblings have scattered themselves around the continents, chasing extra schooling degrees, highly coveted jobs, and amazing travels. A little like a 5000 piece puzzle. You put it together the first couple times in completion, but after that, the chances of having all the pieces the next time you try to put it together is pretty slim. The pieces travel all around the house or in boxes or bags. We're that puzzle.

The Eberle 5000 piece puzzle.

Have a wonderful day!

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