Sunday, September 20, 2009

Standing Tall!

Yesterday morning before the Football game, Emma was walking Evan around the living room and let go. He stood on his own, clapping with us, and even catching himself before he fell. We are SOOOO proud of him! Way to go, Evan!!

Yesterday's football game was free for all the "Pistol Pete's Partners", which means Emma! All the partners & their families got seats in the visitors area (Luckily, RICE only had a few fans), so we got a new view of the stadium, since we are usually on the other side. Gavin was there, too, and luckily, there was enough empty seats in the area that we could all sit together!
On our way to the stadium! Emma wore her pink OSU get-up today :)
We were late for the pep rally, but Jenn caught up with us afterwards!

Four men and a baby & their tailgating.
John, Mark, Kyle (with Ethan in tow), and Brock
Evan got to spend some quality time at home with Grandad, while the three of us cheered on the pokes!
Look how cute they looked in their matching Zac jerseys! (and you can see why most cheerleaders are female...)
Our traditional self-portrait...
How cute is it that their jerseys spell out...
We won the game against RICE, and it was fun time had by all.
Way to go, Cowboys!

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