Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Squealing Tires, Squishy Marshmallows & Scrunchy Faces

Squealing Tires...
Yesterday after school, the weather wsa so nice that John decided it was time to start trying to get Emma to ride sans training wheels again. She was off to a good start, but got frustrated easily :(

So, Gavin took a turn, and off he went! John only gave him a push start, and he was zoooming!

But the competitor in Emma came out fiercely when she saw Gavin riding so well, and she decided to try some more!
All her hard work paid off...
She was riding really well by the end of the evening! I just hope we can keep it up this time! We're so proud of you, Emma!
Squishy Marshmallows...

So yesterday evening, with the cooler weather, someone in our neighborhood was cooking with a wood fire, and it smelled wonderful! I thought about dusting off the firepit and roasting marshmallows, and it turns out, our friends read our minds, because they brought over ingredients to make s'mores! Yum!
Gavin got the first one. Yuuum!
Look at that marshmallow munching face! :)
Do you think Joey enjoyed his? ;)
Evan was happy with a bedtime cup of milk & watching the flames.
They were really pretty. It had been awhile since we got to light a fire! I guess we should be thankful for that, since you guys out there in Cali are seeing them all over the place! :(
I got mine just perfect! Crispy brown on the outside, and gooey on the inside!
Evan wasn't the only baby into fire-watching! Ethan liked it, too!
Anitra finally got a marshmallow for herself - she was the s'mores put-together-er for everyone else!

Scrunchy Faces...
This morning, we were all ready for school, when the thunder started to crack. I had to run out and clean up all the aftermath from the s'mores party, so I left the kids inside. And here is what I saw...

Let me out, too, Mom!
Ha ha! I love you, little squshy face!

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