Friday, September 4, 2009

New Views

I love Evan's tiny little pinchers. He has gotten so good at fine motor skills! This morning, he was picking little spiral notebook pieces out from between the spirals. (you know, the leftovers after tearing out a page?) His new favorite thing to do is to give you things. Over and over. And over. What a giving soul :) Maybe I read "The Giving Tree" to him too many times...
He has also started waving bye bye! So cute! Yesterday he really picked it up when we were dropping Grandpa off at work after lunch. He was waving his little heart out :)

You've probably never pictured me typing away at my blog, but if I'm not in bed before sleepy time, I'm usually here, at my window, typing away as the baby sleeps :)

Last night was the opening ceremonies for the new Stillwater High School Sports Complex. We got there at the very end, since we were at soccer practice, but it was really nice! I wish they had it when I went to school here 3 (plus or minus ten years) ago. ;) I may just have cheered on the pioneers a little harder!
This is a lightening pole, so the guests don't get struck on this huge stadium! (There are none on the guests side...I'm just sayin'...).

The stadium is 2 feet taller than my beloved Boone Pickens Stadium (Home of the OSU Cowboys!!), which, our tour guide was telling us, made Mr. Pickens unhappy. I have to agree. The whole time I went to school there, other cities always thought of us as snooty and one-uppers. I never believed it for a second, but I can see it now! OR, it could just be my orange blood bubbling over - even if I still have my blue & gold pride. You can see BP Stadium from the A/V booth in the pioneer press box.

You can also just barely see A&M Feed mill, which is on the other side of town, on Highway 51. That mill is one of our tallest structures here (and also one of the oldest!)

The stadium seats 4000 fans on our side, and 2000 on the visitor side. The field is 70,000 square ft, with turf (unlike our grass from the old Hamilton Field).

One day I'll see my own kids in this stadium - which we'll probably still be paying for, with its $21.6 million dollar price tag! (No wonder Emma's Kindergarten classroom, along with many others, had leaky ceilings that went unfixed for years due to no budget. Grrr.

Emma outside the grand entrance to "The House of Blue"

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