Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Toothless Little Pumpkin

Unfortunately, the tooth went missing between school and home :(
The tooth fairy left a teary-eyed and weary -of -looking little girl a note tucked under her pillow that night (along with a Halloween fairy book and 6 quarters) explaining that she had been awaiting the "perfect" tooth to use as her door on her palace made of teeth. Only the whitest and brightest would do, and when she heard that Emma had lost hers, she came immediately and got it out of the ziplock bag and was so excited, she forgot to leave her a note. What a nice fairy. Now if only the "Fairy of lost childhood memoribilia never to be seen again" would come visit Mommy and give her that darn first front tooth!! Grrr! (Oh, and Evan's umbillical cord stub that dissappeared off my bedside table one night while the cat suspiciously licked her lips...)
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