Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I just *love* long weekends! :) This weekend, John & Emma had Monday off for labor day, and we put it to good use! We pugsat for some friends while they were gone. Little Fergie was soooo cute! She & Harley played really well!

I figured that since we were celebrating Labor Day, I'd send the 2 daddies in my life out for some labor. Hee hee. Some of the trees really needed trimming, and so Daddy brought over the chainsaw and they started taking off branches!

My labor was watching this little guy.

Evan has become really attached to Emma's little chair. I caught them both sitting in it together. How? I have no idea...

Welcome fall! I decorated the house with all my fallish decor, even though the fall weather has moved on :(

My mantle looks especially pretty - I just need Evan up there!

Playing with the Tonka trucks this morning with Evan. Someone had asked which ones he had - I guess you could just carry this photo around with you always.. Hee hee!

We hope you had a great long weekend, too! I am so anxious for cooler weather! It's so humid today!! Yuck!
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