Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle K!

Emma's game on Saturday was a hard one, but she played goalie well! Way to go, Emma!

Yesterday, she was SO proud to show Daddy & Mommy her new "friends".
So cute. So naughty.
Last night we celebrated my big brother's 33rd Birthday! He got back from Japan last week, and we were lucky enough to have him home for his special day!
Happy Birthday to the first best friend I ever had!
After Evan ate (and painted his hair) with cake, it was off to the big tub!
A mess this big required a tub full of water!
Sister decided to "go for a swim" too.
It was taking soooooo long to fill, that they kids were out before it hit half way! Next time, we're bringing bubbles!! Look out, Papa!
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