Friday, September 11, 2009

Grandparent's Day Lunch

Today, Emma's school had "Grandparents Day Lunch". All the grandparents (or other special folks) were invited to come eat lunch with their Sangre student. I remember being really sad every Grandparents Day Lunch while I was a student there. We weren't allowed to bring any other special friends, and my grandparents all lived in CA, so I was one of the only kids in school without a guest :(
Anyway, lucky for us, Emma has a local grandparent - Papa!

...and lucky for me, I got to take pictures! ;D

p.s. Evan is actually laughing, not being tortured...

The class photo on Grandparent's Day!

...and the class silly willies photo of the day... which seems to be the way I usually see these kids...hmmm
Thank you for joining us, Papa! We love you!

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