Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Pokes!

Saturday afternoon was the second OSU football game here in Stillwater for the season. We played Houston, and lost, but it was a great (wet!) game!
We saw Emma's friend, Avery, at the pre-game festivities!

Sliding down the big OSU slide!

Evan decided he didn't want his face painted, so Mommy got it done instead. (We weren't going to wait in that line for nothing!)

Here's my fresh faced beauty before...

...and after. Go Cowboys!

Daddy won Evan an OSU basketball :)

Sometimes, it pays to be "famous", as Emma calls it. Her pre-K teacher had extra tickets for the game, and saw us. She told us how they had just been thinking about us the night before when they read Emma's story in the magazine, and so it must have been fate that they saw us, and gave us the tickets! So nice!

We called Auntie Pickle to come get the kids, and on our way to meet her, a complete stranger gave us an extra ticket of his own, so we could take Emma, too!

What a wonderful day! :)

Luckily, we had an empty seat by us, so we all 3 sat together :)

It started to rain at half time, but not very hard. We weren't prepared since we didn't plan on going, but a friend loaned Emma a poncho, and John & I were both wearing hats, so we didn't really even notice.
A wonderful OSU Saturday, and we didn't spend a penny!
One more reason I LOVE Cowboy Football!!
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