Friday, September 25, 2009

Falling Temps... more than one way. The cooler temperatures outside are SO fun because we can be outside playing with the kids more often. We love riding our bikes and going on walks as a family. The leaves falling are an added plus. Evan doesn't remember ever seeing the leaves fall, and he likes to watch them dancing all the way down to the ground. So cute.
The other day, Emma hooked her wagon up to her truck and towed Evan up and down the street. I love that they are starting to be at the age that they can play together.
All that towing must have caused chaos on the ol' Ford. Evan was fixing it.

Now that fall has officially arrived, so has my first batch of pumpkin pies. :)
I also baked 4 batches of a favorite meal of ours today. 1 for us, and 3 for a few of my friends, who will each be trading me a meal in return. This way, I cook once, and get different meals for the whole week! AND I only spent $30 for the ingredients for that one batch!
The other temperature that we hope to fall, is Evan's. Last night he was a little warm, so we gave him Tylenol. An hour & a half later, he was up to 104. It was a VERY rough night. I took both kids in to the doctor's this morning. Evan has a cold, and since he is so young, he's fighting it with a really high fever. Emma is over a cold, but still coughing, and her leg pains are just from growing (uh oh! Didn't I just buy her new school jeans?!?!)
Relaxing at home on a Friday. Ahhh.
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