Thursday, September 10, 2009

Curriculum Night

Tonight was "curriculum night" at Sangre. Ms Allen told us all about the fun things that our kids would be learning this year. It sounds like they're going to have a fun year! Right now, they are studying "farms", and reading Charlotte's Web. Soon, they are trying to arrange a field trip to a fall themed farm about an hour from here.

Here are some of the entries for the yearbook cover contest, including Emma's! (Hers is the one to your left of the rainbow one on the bottom row. Gavin's is the one to your right)

They are currently studying measurements. They measured themselves with paper strips. According to these, Emma is one of the tallest.

They also cut themselves out of paper. She makes quite the cute gingerbread girl :)

These are the self portraits the kids did. I loved Emma's (but I'm a little biased)
Who woulda thought she was the only one with pink paper??

This bulletin board had all the kids' hopes & dreams on it. I wonder how many will venture out to conquer these big dreams...

Emma's entry: To Learn how they invented letters.
Deep thoughts.
I wonder if this is equivalent to my question of people calling friends "dude" stemming from Deuteronomy's friends giving him a nickname. (Did they even use nicknames in the bible??)
Two things we will probably never know for sure without going back into time, but we can always ponder...

Another self portrait of sorts...

Not sure if she was thinking of herself...or this guy...

I'm just sayin'...
:D Hee hee!

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