Saturday, September 5, 2009

Are you ready...

...for some FOOTBALL?!?! We sure are! Last night opened the season with a downtown "pep rally in the streets". It wasn't all too crowded. but there was a good amount of people! I think the just-released news that they are closing the Stillwater Mercruiser plant had a lot of the city in low spirits. You can follow that story here. It's a bum deal for a huge amount of our city workers (including my best Kindermusik teacher!), and a very unfair situation. I personally feel that we were used as a hoax to get the Wisconsin workers to accept the package they were offered. :(

Anyway, here are a few pictures of a sweet little boy that were on my memory card. He's playing with gear magnets. Ooooh! Another little engineer in the works? We'll see!

A I usually have Monarchs or their copycat Viceroy butterflies in my garden, but yesterday, this new one was spotted in my butterfly bush. She had been there the day before, too, but I couldn't get my bigger lens on in time! I think it's a Black Swallowtail female :) Welcome to our butterfly/hummingbird restraunt, pretty butterfly! ;)

So last night we headed of to the pep rally. Of course, Emma found Jenn and they are both really excited to see each other at our regular pep rally later today!

There was a live band there - maybe considered "rockabilly"? and the kids were dancing to the music.

Gavin (who is really good at gymnastics!) even made a couple new friends!

Then, the daddies got in the dancing mood with their little girls :)

The rest of the clan...

Anitra & Joey dancing the night away :)

I can't wait for today! The kid's carnival starts at 11:30, and we'll most likely be on campus all day after that. One of my best friends had an extra ticket from her brother-in-law, so she offered it to John, and he's going now! Yay! (These tickets are impossible to get unless you're a season pass holder! - We tried!) So, after the walk to the stadium, we'll spend time with tailgating, and head back to our friends' house to watch the game on TV.

Gooooooo Pokes!!

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