Monday, September 28, 2009

Sweet Child O' Mine

Evan's fever finally broke last night! Hooray! So, finally I got some sleep, too.
BUT this morning when I got him up, he was covered in a rash!
Freaking out, I called the doctor. Turns out, it's completely normal for this to happen after the fever has broken on a viral cold. I had never seen it happen to Emma or Niecey before, so I had no idea! Scary. Anyway, it will go away on its own, and it's not contagious or anything, so we're good. :)

The weather has cooled off a little again, down to the high 70's. Perhaps the sun didn't want us to have a fallish day for the pumpkin patch ;)

Daddy left for Japan early this morning for a business trip, and Kurt will leave Wednesday to go back to Japan, too. I can't wait until the holidays when our family will (hopefully) all be together again! I loved growing up in a big family, but once you grow up, you find out that it's very hard to have the family back together again. My parents did an excellent job (maybe too good!) in raising us to be independant and well educated, which makes it even harder now that my siblings have scattered themselves around the continents, chasing extra schooling degrees, highly coveted jobs, and amazing travels. A little like a 5000 piece puzzle. You put it together the first couple times in completion, but after that, the chances of having all the pieces the next time you try to put it together is pretty slim. The pieces travel all around the house or in boxes or bags. We're that puzzle.

The Eberle 5000 piece puzzle.

Have a wonderful day!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Toothless Little Pumpkin

Unfortunately, the tooth went missing between school and home :(
The tooth fairy left a teary-eyed and weary -of -looking little girl a note tucked under her pillow that night (along with a Halloween fairy book and 6 quarters) explaining that she had been awaiting the "perfect" tooth to use as her door on her palace made of teeth. Only the whitest and brightest would do, and when she heard that Emma had lost hers, she came immediately and got it out of the ziplock bag and was so excited, she forgot to leave her a note. What a nice fairy. Now if only the "Fairy of lost childhood memoribilia never to be seen again" would come visit Mommy and give her that darn first front tooth!! Grrr! (Oh, and Evan's umbillical cord stub that dissappeared off my bedside table one night while the cat suspiciously licked her lips...)
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Wheat (bread), Grass, and Hay (ride)!

Emma's class made homemade (or schoolmade?) bread on Thursday. Mmmm! The kids were all really excited! I got the chance to snap some photos of the class making the bread, but Evan was napping for the butter churning & eating. (However, Ms. Allen made sure Emma brought me a taste - and it was wonderful!) Each child got his or her own turn pouring the ingredients into the breadmakers. I was particularly interested in this making of the bread because one of the bread machines was mine, which I have never used due to not knowing it worked. Good thing Ms. Allen did!

"B" is for bread. Saturday morning was another soccer game for the Red Hawks. Emma volunteered herself to be goalie again (cringe!).
Some more great action shots at the game:

Right after the game, we headed off to Shawnee, OKlahoma. It was about an hour's drive away, but I had found online a Pumpkin Patch that sounded really fun...
The Shawnee Maze Pumpkin Patch.
First things first! We must stop to pump water from the wells, of course!
Since there was a shortage of pumpkins this year on in the patches, I ushered the kids off to the pumpkin vines to choose their pumpkin of choice. (As if all the pumpkins would be gone before October even hit...)
John was particularly engrossed in this pumpkin's...."character".
And, yes, this was his choice to take home with us, proudly displayed in the birdbath in the front garden, greeting neighbors and visitors gleefully.

Emma, however, was on the search for the "perfect" pumpkin.
It took her awhile to thoroughly comb the entire patch.
She found it.
In plain sight.
Not really. (See that tiny orange shirt? Thats her.)
It was time to pay for our pumpkins and put them in the car so we could move on to the other activities!
That's my white pumpkin there next to Evan, and his green one is sitting behind him.
There wasn't any actual corn cobs in the corn maze just yet, but the stalks were as high as an elephant's eye!!
And sometimes, your own kids won't cooperate with picture-taking, so you use other people's kiddos to compare corn vs. human...
Those "other kiddos" happen to be Gavin & his brothers and cousins.
Here they are, all together before we entered the maze.
And yes, Evan is standing on his own! Yay!
And our happy foursome :)
The corn maze was harder than we thought, and was in the design of our new NBA team's Logo, the OKC Thunder. See the design by clicking here. and scrolling down.
Here's Evan in his wagon. We were lost in the maze for about two hours! Thoughts of starvation and dehydration were zooming through my head. Worries of why I hadn't informed the workers I was venturing off into the depths of corn in case of an emergency search crew needed to be called. Oh, the endless panic.
However, on the way through the dark and muddy maze, I did happen across this intresting little plant. It had tiny empty pods on it that looked like little asian lanterns. Cute. (Was it edible?!? We might have to live off it until the corn grew in!...)
But we FINALLY got out...alive!! Woo hoo!
And it was off to the hay ride!
The kids sang one of the OSU fight songs for the driver, who told them that they got free hayrides all day if they could sing that song. (They were free anyway, but the kids were really excited!)

Evan had fun on his very first hayride, even though he didn't feel 100% great...
As you can see here...
Sweet faced flower!
What a great weekend!
My dinner exchange will start tonight. I prepared all my meals Friday, and will trade tonight with a few friends and get the whole week's dinners! I love that I only have to cook once with one recipe and end up with different ones for the week!

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Falling Temps... more than one way. The cooler temperatures outside are SO fun because we can be outside playing with the kids more often. We love riding our bikes and going on walks as a family. The leaves falling are an added plus. Evan doesn't remember ever seeing the leaves fall, and he likes to watch them dancing all the way down to the ground. So cute.
The other day, Emma hooked her wagon up to her truck and towed Evan up and down the street. I love that they are starting to be at the age that they can play together.
All that towing must have caused chaos on the ol' Ford. Evan was fixing it.

Now that fall has officially arrived, so has my first batch of pumpkin pies. :)
I also baked 4 batches of a favorite meal of ours today. 1 for us, and 3 for a few of my friends, who will each be trading me a meal in return. This way, I cook once, and get different meals for the whole week! AND I only spent $30 for the ingredients for that one batch!
The other temperature that we hope to fall, is Evan's. Last night he was a little warm, so we gave him Tylenol. An hour & a half later, he was up to 104. It was a VERY rough night. I took both kids in to the doctor's this morning. Evan has a cold, and since he is so young, he's fighting it with a really high fever. Emma is over a cold, but still coughing, and her leg pains are just from growing (uh oh! Didn't I just buy her new school jeans?!?!)
Relaxing at home on a Friday. Ahhh.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My First Best Friend

My first best friend... ...and King of Legoland.
I hope you had a happy birthday!

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I really did...

When I first put this Tayor Swift song on my blogger, it reminded me of all the wonderful times I had with my mom as a child.
Mommy~ I really did have the best days with you.
Love you.

I wish I had more pictures of us :(
Just baby ones for now!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle K!

Emma's game on Saturday was a hard one, but she played goalie well! Way to go, Emma!

Yesterday, she was SO proud to show Daddy & Mommy her new "friends".
So cute. So naughty.
Last night we celebrated my big brother's 33rd Birthday! He got back from Japan last week, and we were lucky enough to have him home for his special day!
Happy Birthday to the first best friend I ever had!
After Evan ate (and painted his hair) with cake, it was off to the big tub!
A mess this big required a tub full of water!
Sister decided to "go for a swim" too.
It was taking soooooo long to fill, that they kids were out before it hit half way! Next time, we're bringing bubbles!! Look out, Papa!
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