Sunday, August 9, 2009

OSU Fan Appreciation Day

These photos are from my phone, so I apologize for the grainy look! :)

This has nothing to do with OSU day, but it was on my phone...

Evan REALLY likes his friend, Joey's, car. If you see this on sale, call me!! ;D

Anyway, so yesterday was fan appreciation day at OSU, which is a day that you are allowed to bring 1 item up to the basketball arena and get it signed by all the football players. We usually go, even though we get their autographs later on at a private party for "Pete's Partners", which is a group Emma belongs to. But with that in mind, we usually only wait in line for 1 group of the players (there's 4 lines). Of course, it's the line with Quarterback Zac Robinson. (Emma's favorite). This year was a little harder, since they didn't allow strollers this time, but we survived the 2 hour long wait to see Zac, which made Emma's day. :)

Emma got a new haircut and style for the event.
You can't really see it in this photo, but she asked the lady to give her a "bump" in the back. I guess it's kinda like having one of those "bump-its" in your hair. It was cute, but too grown up looking for me!! My baby is too big!!

The line winds through the basketball arena. Emma was waiting patiently...
Evan was not, but Daddy was a great help!

My cousin Nick, was drug along with us, and was probably wishing he hadn't been, having no affiliation with OSU or anything else in Oklahoma besides us :) But we were happy to have him! :)

And at LAST! Sitting at the end of the line, like a long wait to see Santa, we finally got to see Zac! He signed her pink #11 jersey (which is his number), and Evan's orange version. Emma was giddy with delight and couldn't stop smiling!

Evan, sporting his signature.

And the day ended as Saturdays at our house usually do - with a bit of Rockin' out!

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