Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Morning with Mommy

This morning, Evan & I went exploring! We ended up at a small community center west of town that I remember my own mother taking me to when I was small! It looked different now, but still the same. As I watched him sitting on the big wooden swing, I couldn't help but wonder if that was the very same board that I, or my siblings, had sat on many years ago.

He's got the face of an angel :)
He also gained tooth #7 last night! The tiny bottom chomper to his left of the front teeth has broken through! Yay! He's been doing a lot of pizza crust chewing since he got the top teeth, so I'm sure it teethed him through this one! :)
My best photography client ;) asked me to make baby announcements from the photos I had done for their son, who was born in May. What an honor! Let us all welcome little Micah to this world!
Lord let me walk with You
Although my steps are small
Stay beside, hold my hand
And never let me fall.

...and congratulations to the new parents, Brent & Jessica!
The school year is just around the corner - 15 more days to go! We've got to get every drop of summer fun out of these next two weeks as we can!! ;D
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