Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Teenager (in months)

Evan turned 13 months old today! It's a big step in age! Although he doesn't walk just yet, he is now considered a "toddler". He also graduates me into book 3 of the What to Expect... books (which is the last one I bought with Emma). I think now they go up to age 8, but I'm not sure...
Some fun Evan faces:

Emma has rekindled her love for all things LEGO this week. I think maybe they played with them at school one day...or maybe it was the LEGO happy meals at McDonalds? Either way, this man was not behaving well, and she was building a prison for him, guarded by an alligator and a "torturer". Yikes!

I love it when Evan sits on his little feet :)
John uploaded a Barbie movie onto Emma's ipod. I didn't hear from her for an hour!
I was trimming the bushes today, and the kids joined me :) Evan was busy exploring.

Emma was observing her catch of the day - a cicada, locust, whatever you call it. (shudder)

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