Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goodbye, summer vacation!

Today was our last day together for summer vacation from school! We weren't sure how to spend it, since it was pouring rain, but our friends invited us to join them on a day trip to Enid, Oklahoma to a place called Leonardo's Discovery Warehouse & Adventure Quest. We had never gone there (or even heard about it) before, so we packed a lunch, and off we went!
Here we are, after we arrived! Enid schools had already started back to school, so we got the place almost to ourselves! It was great!
Keenan, Gavin, Evan, Emma & Joey, Ian & baby Ethan, & Niecey...all ready to go!

Emma dressed up as an astronaut to explore the space shuttle!

Evan found this "gravity" exhibit interesting. The balls were suspended in air from the air pipes. He kept trying to catch it!


The museum had a lot of animals to see. Since we were the only guests there, the zoologist let the kids pet each & every one of the animals! Here is Emma with a boa constrictor.

Evan preferred the stinky ferret.

The chinchilla was a big hit, too. Although it wasn't as thrilled to see the hoard of kids...

My favorite was the Hedgehog. I asked her how they mated. The answer: "Very Carefully"

The boys really liked this bearded dragon.
Emma was dissapointed that it wasn't the dragon from movies. Hee hee!

Her favorite was the baby box turtle, Tucker. It was so cute & tiny!

Like I said, she let them pet everything!

This little gecko lost his tail :(

Emma & the ginea pigs. Their fur has always reminded me of when Emma fell asleep in her carseat as a toddler, and woke up with crazy bedhead!

Off to space!
(After lots of GermX!)

Niecey & Gavin in the driver's cab

No one else thought this was as cool as I did, so unfortunately, I had to take my own potrait in the kalidescope ;)

They had a toddler playland that Evan really liked!

Emma was reading a grocery list to shop for. I had always loved taking her to places with these play grocery stores. She is so cute :)

Argg! I'm the captain of this here ship, matey!

Here in the hosptial, Dr. Emma had just sent Niecey out in crutches, and was showing Gavin his xray. He apparently "swallowed something whole", and had to get surgery.

King & Queen of Leonardo's Kingdom!

Luckily, the rain stopped, and we got to go out to the outdoor section of the museum after lunch. This little bicycle run was Evan's favorite part, even though he couldn't reach the pedals!

Of course, climbing dinosaurs with sister is fun, too!

Evan's first experience with sand getting on his hands - not good. He starred at his hand in disgust, and couldn't even touch it! Ha ha!

Overall, he had a blast!

The girls and little Joey

Group photo!!
:( I thought the grown-ups were doing the "rock on" hands, too.

At the gift shop, the kids each got a geode rock. We took them home to break open & see if we got crystals inside!
We ended up getting home right at dinner time, so we had some pizza, and still had time for Emma's favorite thing - a family bike ride!

Here are Evan & I on our bike! He is too cute in his big toadstool helmet!

He almost fell asleep!
I thought I had downloaded the pics of Em on her scooter, but I think I maxed out my limit! Hee hee! I'll have to post it later!
Tomorrow is Emma's first day of first grade!! She is so excited! She even picked out her own "first-day-of-school" outfit for tomorrow! So sweet!
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