Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Evan's 1 Year Appointment

Evan had his one year old checkup this week! Here are the stats:
Length: 32 inches - this puts him in the 97% in height (he's taller than 97% of the kids his age). My tall, dark, & handsome little man! ;)
Weight: 23 pounds - this puts him in the 52% in weight. (Absolutely average!) So basically, my little guy is tall & thin. I wonder where that came from ;)
He has switched over to milk now, and drinks it from cups (although they must have a soft spout, or he'll show you how great of a throwing arm he's got!)
Unlike most one-year olds, he still likes his jar foods, but loves tablefood as well - which is great for me - the longer he can get all his vitamins in a jar, the better! ;)
Cute things he's doing:
-Plays peek-a-boo with blankets or paper, "saying" peek-a-boo
- Holds a camera up to his face and "says" cheese
- "Reads" a book
-Jumps on the couch (but nowhere else)
-Holds a phone to his ear (or close proximity of his ear!) & then puts it on mine
-Chases us around crawling in a circle
-Laughs the cutest laugh you ever heard!

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