Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Emma...through 20 other sets of eyes

At school yesterday, Emma got to be the line leader! I think that if "Line Leader" were a career, she would want to be one when she grew up! ;)
One of the fun things about being the Line Leader, is that they get interviewed. I'm not sure if it's the class interviewing them or just telling about themselves, but when Emma came home, she had a manilla envelope full of little drawings from her classmates & teacher. And the best part: They were all of EMMA! It was really interesting to see how all the other kids view her. SOmetimes, her skin color is really dark, her hair might be brown, black, even purple, and a lot of them got really detailed! If you look, you can see on some of the drawings, the sparkles on her shoes, or the characters on her shirt. Some classmates even drew family members (including Harley!)
This has GOT to be, hands down, one of my FAVORITE classroom activities!

Emma was wearing this outfit yesterday. It's cute to see it in the drawings below!

A B S O L U T E L Y A D O R A B L E !

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