Sunday, August 9, 2009

Emma's first prom...

For Emma's birthday, her friend, Gavin, invited her to her own prom. She had been talking about proms ever since she had been watching all these TV movies with teens attending prom & wanting to know when hers would be. SO, last friday, Gavin invited her over for prom. They (we) went to eat at Texas Roadhouse, then back to his house, where the upstairs playroom was turned into a prom room (so cute!) His mom had compiled a CD of their favorite songs, and they had a GREAT time dancing the night away! The theme was Luau, which they chose, and they had all sorts of fun decor and favors in their favorite colors, pink & purple. Enjoy the photos!

Thank you, Gavin!! Emma says it was an AWESOME birthday present! ;)
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