Monday, August 24, 2009

Christmas in August!

My mom sent me an email about a train coming through Oklahoma City from Disney! It was a promo train for the 3D "Christmas Carol" movie coming out in November. We were REALLY excited to see it! The girls wanted to dress alike for the excursion! :) So cute!
Here we are, at the Oklahoma City Santa Fe Station.

The train we were going to board was parked on the tracks right above the entrance to Bricktown (where we rode the water taxis!)
We met our friends in line!
Joey, Emma, Niecey, Keenan, Ian, & Gavin
The workers handed out word finds to all the kids.
Little Evan was being patient 5 minutes in. The line was 1 1/2 hours from the time we entered the building, which was still about a block away! The heat outside was pretty bad, but they provided water throughout the line.
We made it inside the building! This was the 3rd room the line winded through!
These people (sweating profusely) were singing Christmas carols to try to tame the hot and screaming children.
Emma & Niecey joined them to sing "Jingle Bells". They even got to ring the jingle bells!
We finally got up to the train level!
They had "snow" falling at times. Sadly, it wasn't cold :( but they had fun catching it, anyway!
This was written on each train car. Strange, but humorus to all us adults in line who were crabby from dealing with hot tired children surrounding us! (Ours were actually pretty good, all things considered)
This old hardware building caught my attention, and kept it the whole time until we were in the train. I was thinking of all the things that went on in there years and years ago.
We got our "tickets" to ride the train!
Gavin's family :)
Emma's Family :)
Evan felt a little better after I wet his head down. He decided to play with sister. I love this picture.
These misting fans were pretty cool - they pulled water out of the big coolers underneath them.
The train! Almost there!
They had the previews for the movie running on this TV to further promote the movie.
While in line, another train passed by the station!
We made it into the train!! The first car was the costume car.
The girls liked this costume the best.
My handsome men :)
My little photog.
One of the models that they used in the making of the movie. This one is big ben.
Once again, my little camera girl!
Looking at the suits that actors like Jim Carrey wore to make the animation.
Later, they let us "morph" our faces into a few of the characters. Here are Emma's:

And here are mine:

At the end of the last car, we took a photo in front of the nice fire (also computer generated)

Merry Christmas to us, every one!
After the train, it was back out in the heat to watch the 3D movie trailor.
Evan was sleeping like a (sweaty) rock!
Me & John in line!
Afterwards, we went to Bricktown to eat at Spaghetti Warehouse. On our way to walk up the street from our parking spot, I saw this strange building. It was only about 2 feet wide!
Another strange Bricktown building : A bricked-in window below a door? This reminded me of the Winchester Mansion!
Mmmm. Spaghetti Warehouse!
It was a really fun time! I'm glad we went, even though it was hot and a two-and-a-half-hour line, we all thought it was well worth it! (And are excited to see the movie!)

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! But hot and tiring as well!


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