Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazzzzy Dayzzzz of August

Today was almost perfect weather! When we left for church, it was even cool! It makes me anxious for fall ~ my favorite season af all! I love the colors of fall leaves, I love the cool, crisp autumn air that smells like fall. I love football games, and blue jeans. I love Halloween and pumpkins, pies and cinnamon candles that fill my house with a warm glow and a sweet aroma.
There was a place we went every fall with Emma in Half Moon Bay, CA. It was a little place called Lemo's Farm, and it was a delight! Hundreds of pumpkins lined the walkways to trains, pony rides, and mazes. They had a barn (complete with barn kitty) that was decorated for Halloween, where everything was for sale. My mom once bought me a pincushion plant from there once. I was devistated when I failed to keep it alive :( but my fondest fall memories are of those days, spent in the patch, helping Emma look for her "perfect" pumpkin. My husband by her side, pointing out potential jack-o-lanterns, and my mom walking alongside me, watching her granddaughter with beaming pride. The last time we went was an especially bittersweet trip. It was so recent after the loss of Eli, but we needed to go. For Emma, for us, for Eli. We knew it would probably be the last time we would go, as we could no longer bear living so far from family, and I was glad we did. It was perfect. So today, with the weather so perfect, I carried around my camera, and took some photos of our lazy day outside :)

Calypso taking a cat nap

Harley was sun-bathing!
I cut some of my phlox today, since it was growing so tall, it was bending over onto the ground! It ended up making a beautiful display of flowers for our table (and smells just heavenly!)
Evan woke up from nap and wanted to go outside to see Daddy, who was mowing the lawn. It was a little bright out for him! ;)
So, we pushed his new car (thank you, Gramma Joyce & Gpa Joe!) under the shade of our tree in the front yard.
He loves to get in and out of the car, using the tiny door :)
If you look closely, you can see a little roadkill victim lying in front of the car!
Luckily, he was a good sport :)
This flower was planted in my garden by the wind, a cat, a bird, or an angel. I didn't plant it, but it sure grew! In my favorite color, at that! A beautiful surprise, don't you think?!
And my favorite part of the day - my two little ones enjoying the day.
Thank you for the sneek peek, fall! We are ready!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

County Fair

Yes, folks! It's that time of year again! The Payne County Fair is in full swing this week, and we ventured out with the kids to see the sights!
First on the list: Tractor Pull
Who knew you could turn a former riding mower into a power-pulling metal beast?

Next was the livestock. The kids got to pet cows, horses, pigs, bunnies, sheep, and goats. (I even milked the goat to try to prove to Emma that the udder wasn't a "hairy private" - it didn't work)

Emma saw "Pulp" - the mascot for "Orange Peel" - an annual concert that OSU puts on.

Emma liked this horse best - it had a beautiful pink hoodie on.

The Yale fire department brought their truck out and let the kids try on the heavy helmets!

After a looong wait, the kids got to ride their first ride! Evan LOVED it!

This one went too high for Evan, but Emma & Gavin liked it!

Haley & Emma rode the merry-go-round together

Before we left, we stopped to watch a few puppets dance a goodbye jig in their window.

See you next year, county fair!
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Happy Teenager (in months)

Evan turned 13 months old today! It's a big step in age! Although he doesn't walk just yet, he is now considered a "toddler". He also graduates me into book 3 of the What to Expect... books (which is the last one I bought with Emma). I think now they go up to age 8, but I'm not sure...
Some fun Evan faces:

Emma has rekindled her love for all things LEGO this week. I think maybe they played with them at school one day...or maybe it was the LEGO happy meals at McDonalds? Either way, this man was not behaving well, and she was building a prison for him, guarded by an alligator and a "torturer". Yikes!

I love it when Evan sits on his little feet :)
John uploaded a Barbie movie onto Emma's ipod. I didn't hear from her for an hour!
I was trimming the bushes today, and the kids joined me :) Evan was busy exploring.

Emma was observing her catch of the day - a cicada, locust, whatever you call it. (shudder)

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Micah - How did I do?

I had the honor of photographing baby Micah for his 3 month old portraits! He was such a good trooper throughout the whole hour! Enjoy your sneek peek! ;)

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here are a couple videos from this past month. this first one was taken by Emma in the car in our way to school.

This one is of Evan, who has finally mastered the art of clapping! Yay!

What cute kiddos!
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