Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two great accomplishments!

Each of our little kiddos have great news to tell!
Yesterday, Evan got his 5th tooth! #6 is closely following, so we'll have to deal with more drool and lack of sleep for a few more days. He is so cute. We caught a great, big smile on the changing table yesterday ( a little out of focus, but...) and you can see all 4 teeth, but #5's little point is still hard to see. It's to the left of his left front tooth. What a sweet toothy grin! :)

After too much tickling and grinning, he could only be consoled with his one true love...

...his bottle. (That's gonna be a hard habit to break...)
Emma started art camp yesterday and has been really enjoying it. She showed up the first day to find that she knows several of the other kids in the camp, and was really happy to see them. Anyway, today she came home with a special award:
Artist of the Day!
Congratulations, Emma! You continue to make us so proud.
We love you!
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