Thursday, July 16, 2009

A New Pet Salon in Town...

Today, Emma opened her new pet salon! Harley and Calypso both tried to be the first customers, but were turned away, as she only deals with stuffed animal pets (which I'm sure many other groomers & vets wish they could have that policy!)

Here is the salon. She is standing by the exam table. The waiting room area is on the white blanket on the purple area. The pink table is where she does the grooming and tick checks (hee hee!)

Emma Castro, owner & groomer (notice the cat badge she added to look professional) ;)

The resident cat, Crookshanks, all groomed & gorgeous!
The tray of tools. Bottles for the babies, a hairdryer, and a ribbon.
Another bottle for a baby, a flashlight for tick checks, and food for the guests.
I dropped my bunny, Ogon, off and when I picked her up, I had 3. I guess she had one little bunny, and then another bunny had a baby, but couldn't take care of it, so she was given to my bunny to raise on her own :) The babies were wrapped up all cute in a bag with a bow, like a goody bag :)
My penguins had a baby, and I had a few more pets that were sparkly clean. It was such a cute play sequence, that I let her skip nap today. (I'll regret that later, I'm sure).
Anyway, if you need a good groomer for your stuffed fur babies, I know people....

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